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My Vision for Yucaipa

  • A city councilman who would encourage an efficient, reliable, and approachable city council. I would conduct myself professionally, ethically, and honorably and answer all with kindness, equality, and respect.

  • Government is to provide for the people, only those crucial tasks that cannot be done by the people and private businesses. My goal would be to minimize the role of government in our everyday lives.

  • Listen to the concerns of the people and advocate for the best services and customer service the city can provide. A Voice for the people of Yucaipa.

  • Encourage a balanced investment in our community that will lead to managed economic progress and constancy and employment opportunities. Realize the need to have responsible business growth within the City of Yucaipa.

  • Promote consumer spending that will boost small business and promote local business progress.

  • Enhance our quality of life and reinforce our community so that we meet the needs of fire and law enforcement, provide safe schools, roads and trails, and improve our streets.

  • Encourage and exercise fiscal responsibility and manage spending without raising taxes.

  • Explore possibilities that would allow the YPAC to be financially solvent.

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